Bo Bell Basketball Academy Dreamers Vault

Welcome to the Bo Bell basketball Academy Dreamers Vault. At Bo Bell Basketball Academy, we teach the game from the ground up. Our Feet First philosophy is rooted in an approach that is without hesitation. We undertake challenges that lead to progress quickly, enthusiastically and without trepidation.

Our coaches help athletes grow their performance and confidence, while learning the focus and determination to
reach their full potential. Our coaches are trained in the Bo Bell technique and are gold certified, meeting NCAA requirements


Noah Harrison's Dreamers Vault Trailer

Noah Harrison is a 14 year old student athlete from Albion, NY. Noah is an high honor roll student and an emerging wide receiver on the varsity football team for Albion High School. Noah Dreams to achieve a scholarship to play at the Ohio State University and ultimately Dreams play professional football in the NFL. Watch his journey as he goes after his dreams. You receive Noah's Dream Box with your paid subscription. 


Project 45

Welcome to Project 45 where Hassan El-Saddique at 45 years old will attempt to become a professional basketball player in Latin America. Hassan is the Founder of ALL Dreams. Hassan's goal is to inspire people to Dream at any age.

What is a Dreamers Vault?

A Dreamers Vault is an invite only dedicated place for video documentation of the journey of amateur athletes and youth organizations. ALL Dreams keeps your journey synchronized by the year and keeps your video journey safe forever in your vault. 

Why is the Dreamers Vault Needed?

  • Our lives are moving faster than ever, we are capturing moments but these moments get drowned on our camera rolls and social media accounts.

  • What's YOUR Story? Our personal journey is the most unique journey we have that can not be duplicated. We are already capturing our journey in some way. We need to keep our journey safe in a dedicated place. 

  • Your Dreamers vault is NOT Instagram or TikTok! Your Dreamers Vault is dedicated to YOU documenting YOUR progress going after YOUR Dream and inspiring the NEXT Dreamers.

  • We all have supporters that are following our journey. Your Dreamers Vault gives your supporters the opportunity to participate in a more intimate & effective way by watching your story as it unfolds.

  • Making it to play at the highest level in any sport is more competitive now than ever. 1,000,000 young football players are competing for 1,696 jobs in the NFL. 500,000 young basketball players are competing for 450 jobs in the NBA. The Dreamers Vault gives athletes an advantage of showing years of progress and the story of their sports journey, that can be sent to decision makers for college and pro recruiting. 

Fundraise with your Dreamers Vault

Fundraise with your Dreamers Vault

You Earn Money every time a Supporter subscribes to watch your journey. A supporter could be a parent,  relative, friend, or anyone that wants to watch your journey of progress while you are going after your Dream. When a supporter purchases Your Dreamers Vault Yearly subscription they receive your custom built Dream Box as a collectable of your journey. 

With our fundraising feature your EARNING potential can be unlimited by building a community of supporters to watch your journey

  1. Yearly Supporter (Parent)

    EARN: $50.00

  2. Yearly Supporters (Relative)

    EARN: $100.00

  3. Yearly Supporters (Friend)

    EARN: $150.00

  4. Yearly Supporters (Stranger)

    EARN: $200.00

    (ONLY 4 supporters & YOUR Dreamers Vault Subscription is FREE)

  1. Yearly Supporters

    EARN:  $1,250.00

  1. Yearly Supporters

    EARN:  $2,500.00

  1. Yearly Supporters

    EARN:  $5,000.00

What is the Dream Box Collectible? 

What is the Dream Box Collectible? 

The Dream Box Collectible is a custom built product by each Dreamer that includes a 90s Vintage t-shirt of the Dreamer, a Dreamer Note Card with a QR code that scans to their Dreamers Vault), Dream Supporter wrist band, and ALL Dreams Stickers.

Only Yearly Dream supporters receive the Dream Box Collectible when they purchase any Dreamers yearly Dreamers Vault Subscription.

Yearly Dreamers Vault Subscriptions 

Monthly Dreamers Vault Subscriptions 

Document YOUR Sports Journey Course

Frequently Asking Questions

What's included in my subscription plan?

As a Dreamer: 

Custom Dream Box

Dreamer Vault- Dedicated video series to share your story, journey, progress, and achievements.

Each month send up to 10 videos of your progress that will be edited for your Vault. At the end of the year your videos will be made into a short documentary style video of your years progress and achievements.

Dreamer Note Card

Front: Name, Where you are from, Dream, & Fun Fact

Back: Unique QR code that scans directly to your Dreamer Vault

Custom 90s Vintage T-Shirt

Dream Supporter Wristband

Fundraising link- Earn money anytime someone purchases your Dream Box. Sell to friends, family, and supporters

Only supporters will have access to your Dreamer Vault

As a Dream Supporter: 

When you support a Dream and sign up for any subscription you will receive access to 1 video Capsule each month from the athlete you are subscribed. Each subscription comes with a Dream Box from the athlete. 

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes, login and watch from your phone, computer, or TV. 

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, after your 7 Day Free Trial you be charged for a one year subscription. If you cancel your subscription during the year the Dream Box price will be deducted from your refunded amount.